Give1 Projects


The All Girls Tech Camp was launched in 2015 to train young girls in urban and rural areas of Gambia in ICT skills. Educational programs offered at the tech camps include basic ICT skills for beginners, and more advanced training in developing apps, web design, JavaScript, and coding. Volunteer instructors from technology teams are responsible for visiting schools and organizing camps.

The initiative brings girls from across the country to participate in training programs. The camp provides opportunities to learn new skills and develop critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. The pedagogy integrates leadership and entrepreneurial sessions to empower women to start enterprises as well. After each training session, youth participants are assigned to a mentor who encourages and monitors performance. The mentor provides guidance to youth to become a mature woman entrepreneur.

The Tech Camp seeks to empower young women in the ICT sector and raises awareness about opportunities in ICTs. Social media and television publicity about the camps promotes awareness as well. At the end of each camp, an award ceremony is organized with a Give1 Empowerment talk on the importance of ICT training for girls in Gambia and Africa at large. We have introduced more than 1000 children to coding The Gambia. Some of the trainees now went on to study computer science and various Tech related courses in university.


Agriculture is positioned as a strategic sector that can contribute to the diversification of the Senegalese economy, while increasing the sector's share of GDP. For several reasons, agricultural processing appears to be an excellent way to reduce post-harvest losses and improve the value chain of certain products, such as corn, millet, and peanuts...

Women are the most active in the sector and are therefore a major force in the struggle for food self-sufficiency. This is why Give1Project and JeufZone Farm have joined forces to help our brave women processors of agricultural products.


The Give1Project Digital Skills Academy is an intensive program for equipping young people in underserved communities in Senegal, with IT skills. These young people will come from public schools and Orphanages. Some of the skills to be taught will be Programming, Cyber Security, Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Raspberry pi and User Interface design. After their training, they will also be placed on Internships and connected to Tech Mentors to guide them in life and educational choices. The major aim of the Digital Academy program is to equip young people with functional I.T skills for the purpose of economic independence. Give1Project Digital Skills Academy believes that training them at an early age as well as mentoring them to believe in a potential greater than their best influences or environment will give them a better chance at succeeding.