Give1Project Community Libraries

After traveling the world and meeting thousands of youth and students, Thione Niang understands the central role that education (especially reading) plays in the success and development of individuals and the country. Upon returning to his native Senegal, Thione noticed the lack of community libraries. He then opened the Give1Poject library in Dakar. But when he traveled around the country to meet with young people, He noticed that most children and youth were eager to read but had no place to go to get books. He then decided to launch the Give1Project Community Library Program with the goal of creating 100 community libraries in the next ten years. The first library in this program and the second library created was launched on January 1, 2018 with over 500 books donated or purchased by volunteers from different countries who support the cause. This was followed by the Kaolack, Birkilane library and the Gambia library.

The libraries have hosted over 5,000 users since their inception and host several programs to help youth reach their full potential.